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Saturn Omni 3000 Information

The Saturn TV Antenna for the caravan, motor home or boat is the EASIEST TV antenna to use. To celebrate 10 years of manufacturing the Saturn Antenna for the traveller, a 10th Anniversary Edition TV antenna is now available. It is pale blue and has BOTH 12volt and 240volt power supplies.

This TV antenna is 100% Australian made and designed by a technician with more than 30 years experience with difficult country TV reception. As a traveller, isn't that what you want - something that will work in country areas? Besides anything will work in the city - even a coat hanger!

There are many and varied caravan TV antennas - from very cheap to more expensive. But the confusion lies in 'which is the best caravan/motorhome/boat TV antenna?'

The best one caters for both UHF and VHF TV transmission. It must also cater for VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL transmissions - 45% of transmitters in Australia transmit in a vertical pattern. And it must have the correct size amplifier for country reception.
Accessories available,
Caravan mast and bracket $75
Winegard conversion Kit $75
Electric wind up kit $465
Ignition kit for above $65

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Product Code: 7/0216

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